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Mark Lakin

Epic Road
New York City
Mark Lakin is a fine art travel photographer, philanthropist, and the Co-founder of Epic Road, a bespoke travel design company that creates luxury once in a lifetime experiences for curious global nomads that combine the planet’s great adventures with thought-provoking experiences related to humanitarian and conservation initiatives. Lakin’s passion for experiential travel, photography, and philanthropy galvanized a journey across all seven continents that continues today. His inspirations include the preservation of tribal culture, the protection of endangered species and animal habitats, extreme sports, ethnic markets, vibrant beaches, and local architecture. Mark is passionate about his non-profit work to educate Africa's youth and alleviate poverty. He serves as an active Board member of goods for good, a non-profit organization that has facilitated the education of more than 70,000 orphans in Africa. Lakin also serves on the Board of the Bodhi Tree Foundation, a non-profit organization that enables travelers and the travel industry to protect cultural heritage, conserve our planet’s biodiversity, and support people in need. He also leads immersion experiences in Africa related to poverty and human rights abuse for CouldYou, a non-profit organization that helps Americans of influence discover where their individual skill sets intersect with the needs of humanity. Lakin's favorite past travel experiences include a bow and arrow hunt with the Hadzabe tribe of Tanzania, sea kayaking among Antarctica's icebergs and whales, a humanitarian expedition with legendary explorer Kingsley Holgate, getting lost on the streets on Havana, tracking the big cats in the Serengeti, white water rafting down the Zambezi River, camel trekking through Northern India, relaxing in the solitude of Brazil's Fernando de Noronha, gorilla tracking up the volcanoes of Rwanda, desert sunrises at Nevada’s annual Burning Man festival, and exploring the remote Icelandic countryside.