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M.E. LaPenna

NAM Manager
Greater Chicago Area
Mark is the North American Manager for OAG Aviation Worldwide LLC, a British based data collector and consolidator, which has been in operation for over 80 years. Mark’s role as N.A. Manager sits at the cross roads of raw data, analysis, bleeding edge software and hardware, which is deployed by both the largest and smallest travel vendors Globally. In his role, he works with developers and managers on understanding data, and how to use and deploy that data throughout multiple verticals within his clients’ business. He has worked with nearly all of the major OTA’s, TMC's and Flight Search companies in delivering integrated data solutions while keeping them each informed of changes and trends as the market evolves. Mark’s most recent project, has involved OAG’s Global Flight Status solution. Taking data-sets and applying custom algorithms, he has been able to deliver a proof of concept designed to take OAG’s current coverage from the 80 percentile to well over 90%, while increasing the depth of coverage on gate, block, wheels and seat-config points. The resulting solution is a newly branded product which will launch end of Q2 2014.

Mark spent the first 13 years of his career in Aviation Data, focused on the Fixed Based operations vertical. In the 13 years he operated, he grew his employers revenues from barely $1M/Net Revenues to well over $80M/Net Revenues, eventually orchestrating the sale of the same company to a major US based Oil and Gas company. It was through the capture, framing and modelling of large data sets that Mark was able to deliver higher than expected profits for his clients, on a consistent annualized basis.