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Hover over (desktop) or click a session for details. On larger screens, you should see filters in the right sidebar which can help you sort through the sessions. On smaller screens, these filters appear beneath the schedule.

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Justin Lindblad

Willing Foot Travel
Director of Operations
I have been lucky enough to grow up in the travel business with amazing influences from both of my parents and their individual companies. I started a new style of travel company that guaranteed the quality that has always gone with the Lindblad name, incorporating the tool of the internet combined with the expertise that I have learned throughout the years. Four years later Willing Foot is offering amazing luxury and budget travel experiences throughout the world utilizing out expertise while also giving the client an opportunity to create and design their own trip along the way. With trends constantly changing in the travel industry, I have made sure to stay on top what is new and exciting in order to offer our clients the perfect trip.