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Joe Diaz

AFAR Media
Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer
Growing up in a bicultural family, Joe Diaz was exposed to traveling at a young age, as he spent much of his time in Spain. He so much enjoyed this experience of the global village that he began to consider travel, and all things to do with travel, his “calling.”

After graduating from Duke University, Joe moved to Arizona to work with Teach for America in Arizona. He eventually got his masters degree and opened up a real estate investment firm. Nowadays, his goal is to make it to all 7 continents–he’s already been to four–and he works as the co-founder and chief product officer for AFAR media.

Recently named a Top 10 Site that makes Travel Easier, AFAR exists to guide and inspire travelers that want to experience world culture, understand foreign perspectives, and connect with people on a more cultural level.